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Charlie Howe: Director of the U.S. Open Previews Next Weekend

122nd U.S. Open Championship - Final Round

Photo: Getty Images North America

Dan Beyer:We’re very happy to have you on, what about the location about this course, how difficult is it to deal with traffic in the second biggest city in the country? This has to be like something you’ve never seen, I have to say it’s exciting but must be hard at times.”

Bucky Brooks: “Listen, I’m a Tar Heels guy but I respect a guy from the ACC though, you coming from Virginia Tech playing soccer there I can understand. You now work in the sport of golf, can you tell young people the importance of wanting to play & be involved in multiple sports?

Charlie Howe: “The coordination & all of the organization that goes into it is a lot, Los Angeles is the second largest city in the country, never before have we had a venue that was in the middle of a metro area like this, with the 405 & Beverly Hills right there. When it comes to the course & it’s a unique course so you can place fans in really cool areas in this historic property. When it comes to playing multiple sports, there is no better time to play golf so if you’re even thinking about playing, do it.”

Thursday kicks off the 123rd US Open taking place at Los Angeles Country Club. Charlie Howe, Director of the 2023 US Open joins Dan Beyer & Bucky Brooks to talk about the planning & execution that goes into a big 20,000+ event like this. The guys pick Charlies brain as he tells the listeners what he’s been doing for the past 20 months planning this four day tournament!