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Dan Beyer: This Nuggets Championship Will be the Easiest of all Time

2023 NBA Finals - Game Four

Photo: Getty Images North America

Dan Beyer: “This will be the easiest path for any NBA Champion of all time. The seeding add up for the Nuggets this year is 27, that’s the highest it’s ever been. If you look up on your phones right now you will not see an easier road to a Championship. Four, Seven and two eight seeds to win a championship, you don’t ever see this happen, sorry Denver.”

Bucky Brooks: “So what you’re saying because they played lower seeds it doesn’t count? I’m not seeing it. They still had to get there and play well to win these game!”

This morning Dan Beyer & Bucky Brooks break down the 2023 NBA Finals between the Miami Heat & Denver Nuggets. Dan believes if the Nuggets finish out the 3-1 lead over the Heat it will go down as one of the easiest championships by any NBA team in history. He goes through the different championships that could compete with this Nuggets schedule they’ve had this post-season. Bucky isn’t buying it and believes Dan is stretching this idea, Dan says the numbers don’t lie!