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Are the Nuggets About to Become the NBA’s Newest Dynasty?

Photo: Matthew Stockman

Chris Broussard: “Nikola Jokic is 28 years old, Aaron Gordon is 27 years old, Jamal Murray is just 26 believe it or not, and Michael Porter Jr. is only 24 years old. So they are very young, and locked up under contract. The only guy they might lose is Bruce Brown, who can opt-out, which he should. Even when you look at the guys they have coming down the pipe like Peyton Watson, Christian Braun... that’s why a lot of people are saying this might become a run and not just a one and done... Personally, I would be surprised if they don’t win at least one more.”
Rob Parker: “I love the team, and love what they represent. Here’s another example, though: When Giannis won, everyone was saying that they were going to win more, but they haven’t....I think it’s very difficult and too many things happen, and you just don’t know. What if the Lakers put something together, and knock you out? Or if the Clippers get healthy again, then they become dangerous... I just think it’s too premature to claim they’re about to become a dynasty.”

Chris Broussard and Rob Parker break down the Denver Nuggets recent success and debate if they are on the cusp of putting together a dynasty. With so many weapons, and their young talented core locked up for years to come, Chris believes that they have all of the potential to become the NBA’s next big thing. However, Rob thinks it’s too early to crown the Nuggets as a future dynasty. Listen to the full segment above!