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Is Novak Djokovic Now the Greatest Men's Tennis Player of All-Time?

Photo: Julian Finney

Dan Patrick: "Novak Djokovic is 36 and has 23 Grand Slam titles. Let's say if he has a couple more, is that going to make him the greatest player of all-time? Even if you have the most Grand Slam singles titles, I don't know if he'll be recognized as the greatest male tennis player of all-time. Bill Russell has more titles than anybody, and he's not recognized as the greatest basketball player. Nadal has won so many times at the French Open, he could win 5 more of those and I still wouldn't recognize him as the greatest of all-time. You have to be a great player all-around. Nadal is a specialist, great player, fun to watch, but not in the conversation that you would have with Federer or Djokovic or Pete Sampras or Rod Laver."

Dan Patrick reacts to Novak Djokovic breaking the record for men's Grand Slam singles titles. Dan explains why he believes many will not see Djokovic as the greatest of all-time, even if he continues to add to his impressive record. Plus, Dan and the Danettes ask the question: who's career would you rather have, Novak Djokovic or Drew Brees?