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Jason Smith & Mike Harmon React Live to the Nuggets First NBA Championship!

Photo: Matthew Stockman

Jason Smith: “The Nuggets are your World Champions.... but I must say, with all of the talk about Jokic being on this historic pace for one of the greatest NBA Finals performances history, I think we may have to pull back on that a bit. He was on the cusp of that, but the last couple of games, as good as he was, he was much quieter the final two games of this series compared to the first three.... As great as he is, and it was a fantastic Finals performance, but I think it falls short of greatest of all-time.”

Mike Harmon: “The fact that you had this core in Denver, where other players picked up on a night where someone else was off, Jokic contributed a ton and needed some help from others. It takes a village even if you do have the MVP... but, fantastic run, they got the job done in five games, so I’m glad I backed off my prediction of Nuggets in 6.”

Jason Smith and Mike Harmon give instant reaction to the Denver Nuggets winning their first NBA Championship, beating the Miami Heat in five games. Listen to the full segment above!