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Jokic & Nuggets Take Victory Lap After Regular Season Disrespect

In the video above, Ben Maller reacts to Nikola Jokic and the Denver Nuggets defeating the Miami Heat to become NBA Champions, earning the first-ever championship for the Nuggets franchise. Maller discusses how Jokic was unfairly not chosen to be the regular season MVP.

"Nikola Jokic got railroaded out of the regular season MVP award...There were people who said he can't win a third MVP because that will put him on an all-time greats list...HOW DID THAT GO?!?"

Ben Maller also names a few media members, calling them bozos for not voting for Jokic or, admittedly, not watching him play. Interestingly Maller also talks about how winning a chip isn't necessarily a good thing for a head coach due to the recent trend of championship-winning coaches being fired in the last couple of years.

Ben Maller also covers Miami Heat and the "Playoff Jimmy" hype train, which he believes hasn't been derailed due to his affinity for how Jimmy Butler plays...