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Jonas Knox Rips Miami 'Heat Culture' Movement: "What a Bunch of Crap"

In the video above, Jonas Knox rips apart the hype phrase that's been used to explain why an 8th seed like the Miami Heat has been able to go deep in the NBA Playoffs all the way to the NBA Finals to face the Denver Nuggets.

"That's the WORST game Denver has played in weeks and STILL won...Miami "the cool team." The cool kids. Everyone loves to kiss their ass. Everybody talks about "Heat Culture." This team was 2-7 in their final 9 playoff games. So that's "Heat Culture." Hashtag it. If you're a fan of an NFL team who, through nine weeks, has got two wins on the year coming up in a few months, I just want you to know; you could have a cool little hashtag to go along with your run as well too. #HeatCulture, What a bunch of crap. They should change their logo to a piece of dog crap with flames coming off it. Not a basketball. That's what they should do."
2023 NBA Finals - Game Four

Photo: Getty Images North America