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LaVar Arrington: Nikola Jokic Shouldn't Miss Denver Nuggets Victory Parade

LaVar Arrington and Jonas Knox discuss the Denver Nuggets winning their first championship over the Miami Heat. The MVP went to Nikola Jokic and had some interesting comments regarding the championship parade, and LaVar urged Jokic to rethink his stance.

LaVar Arrington: "You gotta give back to the fans, man. Fans deserve to be able to enjoy a win for their city. That's definitely important. I would just ask him to be careful on that. And he's right; there is more to life that's more important, but also, at the same time, that is your job. And at the end of the day, that's the pinnacle of your job. You never want to seem like those guys that seem like; you just don't care...Those are the people that support you. That's really the reason why you're able to make the money that you make. That's the reason why your wins are relevant...When you're a figure like him, someone should make sure he understands that the fans are truly a part of the Trinity. You have the players with the game is self, the media, and the fans."