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Nikola Jokic Falls Short of Most Dominant of All-Time With Quiet Finish

While there's much to praise about the NBA Finals run of Nikola Jokic, Jason Smith explains in the video above why Nikola Jokic isn't a strong case for most dominant of all-time despite putting up impressive numbers throughout the NBA Playoffs and the regular season.

Jason Smith: "Nikola Jokic had a great NBA Finals, but you talk about 'Most Dominant of All-Time...' Nah, he kinda falls short. The last two games didn't land the same as the first three in the NBA Finals even though he was really good, and they won."

Mike Harmon: "I was still on board with the 2000 effort of Shaquille O'Neal as you're best in the modern post-Jordan era...Nikola Jokic did a ton, but he needed help to cross the finish line."