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Nikola Jokic Is Already A Top Center In NBA History

2023 NBA Finals - Game Five

Photo: Getty Images North America

Chris Broussard: “Nikola Jokic is undoubtedly a top 10 center of all time, and I’m gonna give some rankings...number 7, Nikola number 1 center of all time is Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, so I’ve got Jokic seventh all time, and I think Olajuwan and Moses Malone, he could catch them...any problems with where I rank The Joker?”
Rob Parker: “I think it’s just premature, like...this could be it! That’s why you can’t jump to calling him the greatest of all time!”

On today’s edition of The Odd Couple, Chris Broussard and Rob Parker talk about Nikola Jokic’s place in NBA history and the all-time centers list, with Chris ranking him at 7th after his first championship, while Rob thinks it might be a little bit premature to do so!