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Michael Porter Jr.: Hard to Grasp How Unique Nikola Jokić Is


Newly crowned NBA Champion Michael Porter Jr. of the Denver Nuggets joins Dan Patrick on The Dan Patrick Show. He’s basking in the glow of their victory and says NBA Finals MVP Nikola Jokić is looking forward to the parade in Denver tomorrow despite his acknowledged desire to get back to Serbia and his horses. He talks about what it feels like after coming back from three back surgeries, and who has his playoff game-worn jerseys. And he says it’s almost impossible to stop Joker because he can beat you in so many different ways.

Michael Porter Jr.: “(Nikola Jokić) does it in so many different ways, you know, it doesn’t matter what teams throw at us, he figures it out, we figure it out... (with) Joker it’s different because you don’t see big men who are passing out of the post like that, you know, passing to cutters when they double-team him, so he’s a really unique player. I don’t think people really can grasp how unique of a player he is.”