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Rob Parker: “The New Media Must Be Ignored”

Photo: David Berding

Rob Parker: “Enough with the noise...if these guys want to pick up the phone and just have a conversation with each other but to act like you’re giving people insight or breaking down basketball and you’re saying whatever just because the person is on the air with you Chris. What is the purpose of that? Its lunacy just stop. Sports fans don’t do this to yourselves just because Pat Beverley has KAT (Karl Anthony Towns) on. Pat Beverley is a basketball player; he’s not an interviewer... I’m sorry I know of a lot people don’t want to hear this but it’s a waste of time. There are some podcast that are good but most are bad and have very few value because when you interview your friends and you rub oil on their back it’s not an interview.”

Rob Parker and Chris Broussard discuss Karl Anthony Towns joining Pat Beverly’s podcast and the new media’s impact within the sports media landscape. Listen to the full segment above.