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Doug Gottlieb Questions Bradley Beal's Fit in Phoenix

Photo: Patrick Smith

Doug Gottlieb: "Do I like the trade? Of course. It gives us a different style of a Big 3. But all 3 are scorers, and all 3 can pass. None of the 3 are great defenders. We talked a little bit about how after the Nuggets won the championship, you have to view basketball differently. And this is a perfect example of basketball not being viewed differently. This is someone saying 'we get 25 from Durant, we get 25 from Booker, we get 25 from Beal, we get 20 from Ayton, now who's going to beat us?' Well, you can't stop anybody. Secondly, there's only one basketball. If they're going to play with 4 different basketballs, it's a really good team. 4 scorers is a lot. Ayton is the only one who is used to being a second option. Those are hard adjustments."

Doug Gottlieb reacts to the Suns acquiring Bradley Beal. Doug questions the decision on the Suns, as Beal adds scoring ability to a team already loaded with scorers, while neglecting their need to add on the defensive end.