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Wyndham Clark: Better To Be Hunted Than The Hunter

Photo: Andrew Redington

U.S. Open Champion Wyndham Clark joins Dan Patrick on The Dan Patrick Show. He jokes that he carries the trophy with him everywhere now, including the shower. He talks about going to high school with San Francisco 49ers RB Christian McCaffery and competing against him in other sports. He says his chip shot on the 17th hole Sunday was routine except for the pressure of the moment and he felt relieved walking to the 18th tee after tapping in. And while he admits he had trouble staying focused with a three-stroke lead, he’d much rather be chased on the back nine than trying to catch up.

Wyndham Clark: “The hardest thing is really keeping your focus and trying to stay in the moment versus thinking about, ‘Man, have a three-shot lead, all I have to do is just par in and we got this.’ But I would choose being the hunted versus the hunter anytime.”