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Does Damian Lillard Really Want To Babysit Another Lottery Pick?

Photo: ezra shaw

With the NBA Draft only a day away, Dan thinks the most intriguing story line isn’t Victor Wembanyama or even Scoot Henderson, it’s what Portland does with the third pick and how it affects their decision regarding Damian Lillard’s future. He wonders if they can sell Dame Lillard on babysitting another lottery pick or if they’re better off trading Dame and going into rebuild mode. It might be time to maximize his trade value and let him compete for a championship elsewhere.

Dan Patrick: “Dame can’t babysit anymore. And he’s coming off a wonderful year but he’s going to be 33. And if you’re Portland, you’re not going to be winning anytime soon where you can take advantage of Dame still being near his prime. I think if you could say to Dame, ‘You want to go? You let us know where and we’ll try to accommodate you, but we’re going to do a total rebuild.”