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The Clippers Should Not Trade Paul George

San Antonio Spurs v Los Angeles Clippers

Photo: Getty Images North America

Rob Parker: “One year, you’re gonna have some good luck and Kawhi Leonard and Paul George will be able to play. If I’m Steve Ballmer, I’m not trying to start over, I’m not looking for other people, I wanna give it one more shot in place, and if it’s over after that, he has plenty of money and doesn’t have to worry about the luxury tax and doing something out of the box...I’d just let it run one more time.”
Chris Broussard: “I agree with the majority of what you said, the one thing that’s held them back is injuries. It’s not like they’re not good enough, it’s injuries. Of course, they did blow a 3-1 lead against Denver, that was their one chance to make good with this super team, and they blew it. There is a scenario where I would move Paul George...we know that Damian Lillard wants to get a team, get a trade that will enable them to compete. I don’t know if they’d win the West, but I bet Damian Lillard would think they’ve got a shot.”

On today's edition of The Odd Couple, Chris Broussard and Rob Parker talk about the rumors that the Clippers may look to move Paul George this offseason, ending the union that hasn't amounted to much so far in the NBA. Listen to the guys explain why they're not quite ready to pull the trigger, with Chris offering one caveat to doing a deal!