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The Hype Over Victor Wembanyama Isn’t Real

Photo: Jamie Squire

Doug Gottlieb is pushing back on the outrageous amount of hype over top NBA Draft prospect Victor Wembanyama. While the kid has obvious potential, the hyperbolic language being used is overblown and clearly an effort to engender interest in the draft which is no longer the even it once was. With all the one-and-done college players and guys going straight to the G League, fans are no longer invested in any of the players being drafted so the NBA needs to create interest wherever it can.

Doug Gottlieb: “The Victor Wembanyama hype is not all real. And the reason that we’re using these hyperbolic; nobody knows who any of these guys are and so there’s no real reason to watch. So you create a hype of a TV show, ‘Oh my God, he’s the greatest prospect ever!’”