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Should Michael Jordan Be Making Draft Decisions For The Hornets?


Michael Jordan is in the process of selling the Charlotte Hornets and yet reports have him continuing to be involved in the process of determining their second overall pick in tonight’s NBA Draft. Dan wonders if including the lame-duck owner in their deliberations is the best plan, especially considering his track record at the draft. Regardless, Dan reminds us that the draft gives hope every year and he previews all the likely moves, or lack thereof, that we are likely to see tonight.

Dan Patrick: “Michael Jordan is selling the Hornets, but Michael is involved in the process of who they’re going to take #2 overall...Mike and his track record at drafting, and it looks like they’re going to take Brandon Miller, how do you say to Michael Jordan, ‘Hey Mike, uh, we got it. You know what, how ‘bout, how ‘bout we take it from here?’ Because Michael is probably involved in the interview process with Brandon Miller...But the NBA Draft gives hope. That’s what it’s all about.”