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Gregg Popovich Has a New Lease on His Coaching Life

Photo: Ezra Shaw

Spurs Head Coach Gregg Popovich is no spring chicken, and he was probably considering retirement considering the Spurs barely managed 20 wins last season. But it appears he has a reason to stay around a while longer for an opportunity to coach Victor Wembanyama. Pop has already shifted into full ‘coach mode’ after the draft, trying to temper expectations already placed on his new young phenom. And Dan reminds us that Pop has a strong track record for developing players and should be able to build a competitive group around Wembanyama.

Dan Patrick: “At age 74, it’s like a guy who wants to close up his business. You know, he’s 69 years of age and he’s thinking, ‘Yeah, you know, time to ride off into the sunset.’ All of a sudden, you’re like, ‘Hey boss, we got this unbelievable order! They want a hundred thousand widgets. We’re back in business!’ Well, he’s there for the long haul it feels like with Victor Wembanyama; got a nice order from France!”