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The NBA Draft Has Lost Its Luster

Photo: Sarah Stier

Last night’s NBA Draft was a bit of a snooze-fest as there were few surprises and little to no drama. It’s a different draft than the good old days for a variety of reasons, the main one being that nobody really knows much about any of the potential draft picks. With many being drafted out of the G-League or from Europe, fans just aren’t familiar with the likes of Victor Wembanyama. And the broadcasters were no help in getting anyone invested in these unfamiliar names. Doug Gottlieb and Dan Beyer dissect the reasons why the event no longer moves the needle.

Doug Gottlieb: “There is no buzz, no hype outside of Victor Wembanyama...”

Dan Beyer: “It is not the same draft that it was 20 years ago...When you have players that you don’t have players coming from Europe, there’s no one there to tell us about them.”