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Does Freddie Freeman Have a Legit Shot to Eclipse 3,000 Career Hits?

Photo: Harry How

Jason Smith: “You’re looking at a guy who is on his way and is the guy with a chance to get to 3,000 hits, all the other things we may never see, 300 wins in Major League Baseball we may never see that again. Again 20-years away because there is no one playing right now that can there. If Freddie Freeman doesn’t get to 3,000 hits no one will for another 20 years.”
Mike Harmon: “He’s only the 290th guy in Major League Baseball to get to 2,000. There is only 100 guys who have more than 2,500 hits in Major League Baseball history, it thins out just that fast.”

Jason Smith and Mike Harmon talked about Freddie Freeman and his latest milestone of reaching 2,000 career hits in Major League Baseball. The guys believe that Freeman is one of the only Major leaguers that has a chance to reach 3,000 career hits. Listen to the full segment above.