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We’re Already Talking MLB MVP?

Detroit Tigers v Los Angeles Angels

Photo: Getty Images North America

Chris Broussard: “He’s gotta go out and prove it. I don’t think anybody is saying he should be the MVP for being a pitcher and a great hitter... All these guys are saying is, he is the MVP right now, they aren’t saying he won it.”  

Rob Parker: “I don’t buy it, it’s easy, it’s lazy... Ohtani got trounced in the MVP vote last year, it’s not just about compiling numbers it’s about winning. All I’m saying is pump the breaks on saying this guy is going to be the MVP every year. He’s not the best pitcher and he’s not the best hitter, I respect what he’s done and it’s a great combination but come on"

Chris Broussard and Rob Parker go back and forth regarding Shohei Ohtani and if he is deserving of winning the AL MVP this season. The guys react to former MLB players saying that Ohtani should win the MVP for his performance this far. Some go as far as saying he is the best of all time... Rob Parker is not buying this, comparing his prior seasons to this season.