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When is it Too Early to Draft your Fantasy Football Team?

Super Bowl LVII - NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell Press Conference

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Mike Harmon: “You usually want to wait later because you want to wait until pre-season ends, but when it comes to getting the guys together for a weekend, early August would be an exception. There is good will that can be earned with this type of situation. I’d like to think that you can go have a beer, play some golf and draft a fantasy team, I’d like to think.”

Dan Beyer: “I do believe that everyone in the league has a longer relationship with the league than their significant others. The draft gives them the opportunity to get out for the weekend and its tradition. There are a lot of things that happen in the preseason and training camp-Anything can happen so early, August it too early, it should be September 3rd every year, that way you won’t have injury issues.”

Mike Harmon and Dan Beyer are getting excited about Fantasy Football right around the corner. The guy’s debate when it’s the right time before the season to have a draft. Dan is unable to make his fantasy football draft in person, they talk about the importance of the draft and how it’s all connected to getting away for the weekend.