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LeBron Is Just Being a Normal/Crazy Dad

Photo: Joe Robbins

A recent NBA mock draft was released which has LeBron James son Bronny James heading to Atlanta in 2024 and LeBron played along with an Instagram post referencing the possibility. He probably should have stayed out of the fray considering there’s a lot that can happen in a year and Bronny isn’t really considered to be a top 20 pick by anybody who really knows hoops. But Doug reminds us that, at the end of the day, King James is just a father who’s excited about his kid’s future, just like any of us would be.

Doug Gottlieb: “He’s a crazy dad, just like all the rest of the crazy dads. You would think that somebody who’s viewed as one of the great basketball players would have the balance of, ‘Hey, it’s cool, let’s not overate my kid, let’s just let him experience things on his own. Don’t even treat him like my son, let him be his own man, etc., etc.’ He just can’t help himself and I think that’s relatable!”