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Shohei Ohtani Deserves Two Salaries

Photo: Harry How

Angels’ pitcher/slugger Shohei Ohtani was at it again last night, striking out 10 while knocking a couple of homeruns in their 4-2 win over the White Sox. Dan wonders how much longer Ohtani will be playing in Anaheim and whether the Angels already have a plan. He also thinks Ohtani’s success will spawn imitators and we may see dual threat players begin to emerge in coming years. And he reiterates his belief that Shohei should get paid separately as a starting pitcher and again as a DH since he occupies both roster spots.

Dan Patrick: “Is this Shohei Ohtani experiment going to explode? He’s going to berth a lot of other players who want to do this. I’m not saying they’ll be able to do it at his level, but to be able to do that, and what that means for rosters. Because now, are you taking up two spots and it’s one person; do you get two salaries? Because that’s what I’ve argued for Shohei Ohtani; he deserves two salaries!”