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No Team Is a James Harden Away From Winning a Title

Photo: Michael Reaves

Jason Smith: “No, I want nothing to do with James Harden. I wouldn’t even want James Harden in fantasy. No, no, no. No team is a James Harden away from winning anything. How many teams do you have to watch him on to decide that maybe he’s not that guy anymore? The first thing he (Harden) will want is a 3-year deal worth $95 million. The Harden from 6 years ago, yes but not the Harden from the last 2 stops where he’s just been a guy. What more evidence do you need? You are not a James Harden away from anything.”

Jason Smith and Mike Harmon discuss why teams shouldn’t trade away valuable assets to sign James Harden and if Harden is past his prime. Listen to the full segment above.