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Perfect Game Was Wrong Guy, Wrong Time and Wrong Place

Photo: Thearon W. Henderson

New York Yankees P Domingo German threw just the 24th perfect game in the history of Major League Baseball and it wasn’t anything like what Dan might have hoped for in such an historic occasion. Firstly, German lost half a season to suspension over domestic violence accusations so he’s hardly a guy anyone is rooting for. Secondly, it was a late-night, West Coast game which didn’t give Yankees fans on the East Coast an opportunity to watch. And lastly, it happened against the much maligned, cellar-dwelling A’s in front of a woefully small crowd in Oakland. But he gets his name in the history books regardless of the underwhelming circumstances of his triumph.

Dan Patrick:  “He’s the wrong guy; that’s a guy who was suspended a couple years ago for domestic violence, 81 games. Also suspended earlier this year for the sticky stuff but he threw a perfect game. He threw it late last night; East Coast couldn’t even take advantage of this if you’re a Yankee fan. And the wrong place; it was against the Oakland A’s in Oakland. Other than that, he’s in the history books.”