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Dan Patrick Tells Adam Devine: “You Got a Funny Face.”

Photo: Sean Gardner

Dan talks to Actor/Comedian (or Comedian/Actor) Adam Devine and manages to put his foot squarely in his own mouth. He’s trying to give the man a compliment, but it doesn’t really land the way he hoped, but Adam takes the borderline offensive comment pretty well.

Dan Patrick: “I was wondering how to phrase this,and my guys kept saying I was saying it wrong; you got a funny face. From the standpoint of, when you come on, I laugh.”

Adam Devine:  “Yeah...”

Dan: “Is it a compliment or should I say it in a different way that you have Will Ferrell has a funny face when he’s on. Jack Black; funny face.”

Adam:  “We all are afflicted with the same disease of funny-face syndrome...”

Dan: “OK, but is that a compliment? Or should I come up with a better way to say...?”

Adam:  “No, Dan, it’s not a compliment! No, I’m offended but I’m playing it cool!”

Dan: “OK.”

Adam:  “No, it’s OK, I’m fine.”