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James Harden Will Need to Accept a Lesser Role

Photo: Timothy Nwachukwu

Dan Beyer & Monse Bolaños are in for Doug Gottlieb today and they’re reacting to James Harden signing his player option with the Philadelphia 76ers only so they can trade him. The speculation is running rampant over where he may land, but Dan & Monse seem to agree that he’ll need to take a lesser role in the offense of whichever team he joins. The real question becomes: will Harden be able to accept playing second or even third fiddle?

Dan Beyer: “Is James Harden a real #1 anymore? I don’t think that he is...if you are going somewhere, I do think that you need to find your role and that is likely as a #2.”

Monse Bolaños: “I actually don’t think he has a problem being a #2 or a #3 if he’s in the right situation.”