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Overpaid NBA Contracts Are Just as Absurd as Buying a New Car

Doug Gottlieb: “If you haven’t shopped for a car in 4-5 years and you walk into a car dealership and you’re like wait what... you don’t have cars here and if I want a car I have to order it and if I order it I have to pay above sticker price? That doesn’t make any sense. That’s what’s happening to so many of you when you look at these NBA deals. The idea behind this new collective bargaining agreement is that you can pay your home drafted player so much money for more years than anyone else that there’s no way they leave in free agency. It’s designed to protect the small market team. The (contract) numbers are ridiculous but what the NBA is making is expeditiously higher. The contract numbers have gone up but they’ve gone up across the board."

Doug Gottlieb explains how the new NBA collective bargaining agreement has paved the way for overpaid contracts and a ton of super max deals. Listen to the full segment above.