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Let’s Pump the Breaks on the Wembanyama Hype Train


Aaron Torres: “This feels like the quickest build up and tear down that I could ever remember... where people say he’s the greatest prospect in the history of American team sports to now people are already turning their backs. Let’s let the guy be a rookie. There’s a way for all of us to be very excited about Victor Wembanyama without putting impossible expectations on him. You can say he’s the most unique prospect we’ve ever seen and if he’s able to live up to potential... we could be talking about an all-time great. You can say all that without putting an unfair label on him. The rush to build him up and tear him down is one thing I don’t like about the coverage of the NBA.”
Dan Beyer: “I’m not placing the blame on LeBron but Wembanyama is the greatest prospect we’ve seen since LeBron James and now you see how that (LeBron) turned out... so you have the same expectations for this one (Wembanyama).”

On this episode of Covino and Rich, Dan Beyer and Aaron Torres explain why it’s unfair for the NBA media to place these unrealistically high expectations on Spurs rookie PF Victor Wembanyama. Listen to the full segment above.