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Dwight Howard Isn’t Entirely Crazy Comparing Himself to Nikola Jokić

Photo: Doug Pensinger

NBA free agent Dwight Howard is desperately trying to stay relevant and he recently said he was more dominant in his prime years in the NBA than Nikola Jokić is now. While Howard is being ridiculed for his opinion of his own capabilities, Doug thinks he’s not as far off as many seem to think. It was a different era with a different style of play in Dwight’s heyday and he was the most dominant center in the league for a number of years. It may be a stretch, but he actually was pretty dominant during his time on top.

Doug Gottlieb: “Dwight Howard says he’s better than Nikola Jokić. Don’t spit out your coffee yet... When Dwight Howard was in his prime, the league was different...The truth is, he’s not that far off. It’s not that criminal what he said.”