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The Legend of Victor Wembanyama Grows


Everybody is talking about Britney Spears’ altercation with Victor Wembanyama’s San Antonio Spurs security detail in Las Vegas yesterday, including Steve Covino & Rich Davis who are filling in for Dan Patrick today. The price of tickets to see him play his first NBA Summer League game tonight has more than doubled since the incident which is only adding to the hype surrounding the NBA’s number one overall draft pick. His games are going to become star-studded events in every city he plays.

Rich Davis: “I think this story just adds to the hype that is Victor Wembanyama, I really do...” 

Steve Covino: “Yeah, you’re right, it adds to the legend...” 

Rich: “The hype to see this guy even touch a basketball in a Summer League game in the NBA is off the charts...”

Steve: “Imagine if (Britney Spears) shows up, that’d be a crazy part of the story...A sign of things to come Rich because all the stars are going to come out to see this guy play.”