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Dan Beyer: You Can’t Give me a Reason Why Cruz Shouldn’t be in Seattle

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Dan Beyer: You can’t give me one reason on why Elly De La Cruz shouldn’t make the All-Star game. I can guarantee you this if Elly De La Cruz was in the All-Star game this year, you would be watching. He is a top three player in the league. If you’re the MLB, you have to understand that this would draw attention. This was such an error by the MLB and it’s just too sad...

This morning Dan Beyer talked about Elly De La Cruz and the phenome that he has become in his rookie season. Although Elly is having a spectacular season, he did not make the MLB All-Star game taking place in Seattle this week. Dan Beyer sounds off on what he calls a terrible error on the MLB’s part for not having him in the event.