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Would You Rather Be a Slam Dunk Champ or Home Run Champ?

T-Mobile Home Run Derby

Photo: Getty Images North America

Dan Patrick: “I wondered about this for years, we have to wait until it lands, at least we used to, so that Chris Berman could give you the ‘back back back back back!’ You can’t do that now, as soon as they throw it, soon as you hit it, they throw it again. Therefore, there’s a lot of action going on. So much so that Vlad Guerrero Jr had to take a knee! That’s what happens with trying to win your round...Julio Rodriguez had 41 home runs! That gets you to the next round and knocks out Pete Alonso, but that doesn’t help you in the next round when you’re spent.”

On today’s edition of The Dan Patrick Show, Dan & the Danettes answer a poll question: would you rather be a Slam Dunk contest champion or a Home Run Derby Champion? Dan gives his answer, the guys react to last night’s home run derby, and offer up some changes to make the Home Run Derby a bit more compelling in the future!