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LeBron James Hijacks the Headlines at The ESPYS with Cringe Announcement!

Photo: Frazer Harrison

Dan Beyer- “It’s got to be about LeBron, that’s what it was last night and that’s why so many of us have a problem with him. He had two roads to take, the road to take of Brett Farve and Aaron Rodgers where he may not play anymore and may quit or he could take the leader of the team route like Kobe and Magic took, but he choose the one where he is talking about himself and that’s what’s so frustrating about that he can’t help himself!”
Monse Bolanos- “I am not that bothered by LeBron. At such a young age he was put in such a harsh spot light which he has handled so well and then all of the media is like ‘you’re so great, you’re so great’. If somebody is telling me that for 20 years I am going to think I am better then you!“

The 2023 ESPY Awards took place last night and who better to take over night then LeBron James?! Dan Beyer and Monse Bolanos react to the cringe announcement James gave after receiving an ESPY Award. Listen to the full segment above!