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Northwestern Lets Go of Another Coach, Whats Next?

Photo: Thearon W. Henderson

Mike Harmon- “The athletic director needs to go, they fired him and then addressed the team via zoom. Once again not an in person lets be on the scene and answer questions and listen to your concerns. Its just another spineless effort from the administration at Northwestern. A place that seems devoid of structure was clearly rotting from the inside and that doesn’t mean that there weren’t players that agreed with the coaches points, but once we got the details it’s just unacceptable.”

Arnie Spanier- “This is absolutely atrocious not only did he go right under the athletic director’s nose, but how many had to keep this quite between coaches, players, and administrator I mean the whole thing is miserable. I mean in 2023 who thinks this is right, at this time you have nothing better to do other than harass kids?!“

Northwestern Athletics has let go of two of its head coaches in the last week. Mike Harmon and Arnie Spanier talk about the situation over at Northwestern and what needs to change! Listen to the full segment above!