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Hard Knocks Shouldn’t Be About Aaron Rodgers

Photo: Elsa

New York Jets QB Aaron Rodgers doesn’t seem happy about being on Hard Knocks this season, saying the NFL shoved it “down our throats.” And while Dan thinks that’s just Rodgers bemoaning any publicity that isn’t on his own terms, he doesn’t think Hard Knocks should be focused on Rodgers anyway. The story of Zach Wilson and how he responds playing in Rodgers’ shadow is much more compelling.

Dan Patrick: “With Aaron Rodgers, I don’t know if he wants the publicity. I think he likes publicity, but he likes it when he likes it, when he wants it. When you want it, then maybe he’s not as accommodating...I think Zach Wilson should be the focal point of the Jets with Hard Knocks. Because OK, now you’ve taken away the marquee guys, the starters and you can focus on an interesting story of #2 overall pick, got humbled, got benched, now all of a sudden, he’s watching Aaron Rodgers, learning from Aaron Rodgers. Is Aaron Rodgers going to help him? That would be interesting.”