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NFL RBs Are Taking a Stand Following New CBA Ruling

Photo: Courtney Culbreath

The CBA signed a new deal putting the running back position in even more controversy. Rob Parker and Gary Sheffield Jr react to the running backs in the NFL taking a stand to the CBAs new deal. Listen to the full segment above!

Rob Parker - “The football players union has to be the worst! This league flaunts all the money it makes and yet they don’t have guaranteed contracts, they have a terrible pension plan, and they have terrible health insurance. The CBA is so bad that they signed this deal where teams can use up the RBs having them carry the ball a million times and then when their five years are up teams can say, ‘thanks a lot we are going to get someone younger and not pay you, or we have your rights with a franchise tag for the next two years!’”
Gary Sheffield Jr - “To me the issue with the running back position is that the NFL creates this system where running backs are most valuable when they aren’t allowed to ask for more money and then when they finally get to that point everybody looks at them and goes, ‘there is no reason to pay this guy let’s just go draft another RB.’ What’s the point of having a great running back what’s the point of being a great running back?”