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The Cowboys Can Be Out As "Americas Team"!

Photo: David Eulitt

The Dallas Cowboys have been “Americas Team” for years but this season a new team hijack that slogan! Join Dan Beyer and Rich Orhnberger debate which NFL team could possibly take the reigns as “Americas Team” this coming season. Listen to the full segment above!!

Dan Beyer- “The Cowboys have had this moniker of being Americans team, they may have been Americas team and it may be there slogan to lose, but I’ll say this for one season I think another NFL team is renting that slogan and I think it’s the Green Bay Packers.”
Rich Ohrnberger- “I honestly think it’s the Kansas City Chiefs I mean Patrick Mahomes and Andy Reid are inarguable the most likable head coach QB. With the success they had together I honestly think that that moniker belongs to the Chiefs!