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Barkley Says NO!

Jason Smith: “The players just have to go play with a franchise tag. I know it sucks, you’re only making 10 million dollars a year but there is no other outcome. If you sit out, you’re going to come into the season without being trained the right way which could lead to injuries and lack of performance.”
Mike Harmon: “Barkley is a victim of his own success... I know he’s underpaid but eventually it’s going to be a half a million dollars you aren’t seeing every week.”

This afternoon on Covino & Rich, Jason Smith and his best friend Mike Harmon filled in for this slot today! The guys react to Saquon Barkley saying he is going to sit out of training camp if he doesn’t get a better deal from the Giants. They both agree that the running backs within the league have to accept the compensation they are supposed to receive or they will ruin their careers.

NFC Divisional Playoffs - New York Giants v Philadelphia Eagles

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