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The Patriots Are Refusing To Set Up Mac Jones For Success

Photo: Winslow Townson

Dan Patrick: "The thing that I don't understand is the New England Patriots. You've got a top-10 defense. You've got NOTHING on offense. You're not even sure of your quarterback. Is Mac Jones a right-handed Tua Tagovailoa? I don't know, but Tua certainly has a lot of toys to play with. If I put Tua in New England, and Mac Jones in Miami, you would probably see Mac Jones be a very good quarterback. But he doesn't have anything to work with. If you're going to bring in a young quarterback, then give him something to work with. He's not good enough to do it on his own. Josh Allen could do it on his own for a little while in Buffalo, but they went out and got Stefon Diggs there. You're asking these young quarterbacks to come in and play right away. But the reason you were able to draft him is because you weren't very good. CJ Stroud, I don't know how good he's going to be, what kind of weapons are you going to have around him? Look at the Bears, Panthers... are you going to have weapons around these young quarterbacks? And Mac Jones is probably going 'could we get Dalvin Cook? DeAndre Hopkins? Could we get both? How about you spend some money?' New England has a quarterback on a rookie deal, take advantage of that! And that is a faceless team. When the coach is the face of your team, you have a faceless team."

Dan Patrick reacts to DeAndre Hopkins signing with the Tennessee Titans, leaving the New England Patriots empty-handed after also being linked to the star wide receiver. Dan breaks down how the Patriots are continuing to do no favors for their young quarterback Mac Jones and looks at how other teams have better supplied their young QBs with strong pieces necessary for their development and success.