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Which Sports Teams Are in The Friend Zone?

You ever have a team that you don’t love but wouldn’t mind wearing a jersey or a cap with its logo? Dan Beyer and Monse Bolaños talk about different “friend-zoned” teams in the sports world! Listen to the full segment above!

Dan Beyer- “Growing up you have a bunch of different favorite teams and once you get older its starts to separate because you start to understand rivalries, but when you are looking at the grand scheme of sports fandom the Mariners are friend-zoned... I’m a  Brewer fan, but I’m not a diehard baseball fan so if wanted to wear a cap of a different team I would absolutely wear a Seattle Mariners cap and I think there are other sports teams like that and not just in the MLB.”
Monse Bolaños- “Not many teams are like this though, it doesn’t have to do with being a losing franchise that’s not it! Clippers obviously are not a winning franchise and we get so much hate, so it’s not just about not getting wins other things are a part of it like fan bases and players!”