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‘Hard Knocks’ Should Be Called ‘Gentle Knocks’

Photo: Todd Kirkland

Dan and the Danettes are very disappointed to hear that the New York Jets are refusing to let the ‘Hard Knocks’ cameras in the rooms when cutting players during training camp this season. Apparently, they think it is inhumane and don’t seem to care that those cuts, and the stories of those guys just trying to make the squad, are often the most compelling part of the show. If they refuse to show us the hardest knocks as they happen, they don’t deserve the name.

Paul “Pauly” Pabst: “According to Adam Schefter, the team won’t let NFL Films inside the rooms when Robert Saleh and General Manager Joe Douglas are cutting the players. They don’t believe it’s humane...”

Dan Patrick: “Humane? It’s not like they’re putting down a dog! I mean, these are grown-ups, this is a job, and this is part of that job...They’re not going to be able to call it ‘Hard Knocks.’ It’ll be like ‘Semi-Hard Knocks’ or ‘Gentle Knocks.’”