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Jason Smith: The Yankees' Season Will End with No Playoffs, & a New Manager

Photo: Sarah Stier

Jason Smith: “The Yankees have been swept by the Angles, and with the Red Sox win, they are firmly in last place in the AL East. Also, they are four games back in the final wildcard spot. This season for the Yankees, will end with no playoffs and a new manager. They have too many holes to fill at the deadline to make a run, because they need bats, tons of bullpen help and starting pitchers. They’re hurt, old, there’s no way they can solve this, and this is going to be Aaron Boone’s final year. The Yankees wont fire him in the middle of the season, because this version of the Yankees doesn’t do that... Really, they screwed themselves twice this week, because they were swept by the Angels, and might’ve taken themselves out of the sweepstakes for him.”

Jason Smith and Mike Harmon react to the Yankees being swept by the struggling Angels, and officially falling into last place in the AL East division. Jason believes Aaron Boone’s days as the Yankees manager are numbered, and predicts this season will end with no playoffs. Listen to the full segment above!