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Reckless Driving Is Still A Major Concern For The NFL

Photo: David Eulitt

Jason Smith: “You wonder when you wake up why people are talking about Henry Ruggs. This is because Vikings rookie wide receiver Jordan Addison was cited earlier Thursday morning for speeding and reckless driving. This was after an officer clocked him going a 144mph on a freeway while the speed limit was 55mph. Is he lucky he’s not dead? Yes. Is he lucky he didn’t kill anybody else? Yes. I have never understood the fascination with people going fast in cars that they are driving. You have a driver’s license like everyone else... you didn’t go to special racecar driving school to say that you can drive this Lamborghini at 140mph."
Mike Harmon: “If you want to go drive 140mph, there are plenty of places to go fill out a waiver and go on a drive."
Jason Smith and Mike Harmon discuss the latest incident involving an NFL players reckless driving. Listen to the full segment above!