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Rob Parker: This is the Same Lame Kiffin Who Left Tennessee After a Year

Photo: Christian Petersen

Rob Parker: “I’m going to call him Lame (Lane) Kiffin because that was a lame attempt to rip the players, who have basically been bamboozled... robbed and used and these same damn coaches have the nerve to get up there and point the finger when they are making $10 million. Before NIL, these kids couldn’t even get a free pizza from somebody or they could get kicked out of school... before the new transfer rules, they held these kids hostage because transfer athletes were forced to sit out a year. The same coaches that have a problem with the current transfer portal rules are the ones that leave their players high and dry. The same coaches who went to kids living rooms in front of the kids parents and told them how much they wanted them and then they leave the school for a better coaching deal. This is the same Lame Kiffin who left Tennessee after a year to coach at USC. Did he apologize to those kids? Lame Kiffin, you are a hypocrite."

Rob Parker and David Justice discuss Ole Miss Head Football Coach Lane Kiffin’s comments involving NCAA NIL rules and the transfer portal. Listen to the full segment above!