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It's Too Late For Anything To Change For Running Backs

Photo: Tim Nwachukwu

Doug Gottlieb: "You're at the gate 13 minutes before the flight, and you see the plane sitting there, and that door is closed. And you ask if they can open the door and they say they can't, but the plane is still there. Then you see a flight attendant scan their card and they get on, but you still can't. I think that's what running backs thought - 'hey, they can open that door, they can fix it.' Saquon Barkley was mad AFTER the Monday deadline. Read the CBA guidelines! You had all this time, from the day the season ended to last Monday. This is not a case of going up to the gate and that door is closed. This is going up to the gate, and the plane is gone."

Doug Gottlieb explains why running backs have already missed their chance to actually change anything concerning their market and salaries. Doug dives deep into the issues that high-profile running backs are facing. Plus, Doug explains what the Buffalo Bills will do after losing Nyheim Hines for the season.