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Realistic Expectations for Aaron Rodgers and the Jets

New York Jets Training Camp

Photo: Mike Stobe / Getty Images Sport / Getty Images

Today on 2 Pros and a Cup of Joe, Jets training camp is barely underway and expectations are already sky high. Jonas Knox and Brady Quinn discuss whether or not "Super Bow or Bust" is a realistic expectations for Rodgers' time in New York.

Jonas Knox: "What would you say is a proper expectation for the Jets and Aaron Rodgers? 
Brady Quinn: "That's a playoff team last year with better quarterback play, which was their Achilles heel. That's why I was never a believer in the team last year because as good as the roster has been built, it was the one spot they just couldn't admit that they had missed on. And now they have. They addressed it and they'll have him moving forward, which makes them a playoff team."
Jonas Knox: "I think people's expectations for them is so far gone that they forget the fact that the Jets had finished last and that division six of the last seven years. They've been awful for like a half century and the idea that you're going to add Rodgers and your expectation is 'Super Bowl or Bust,' I just don't buy into it.
If they make the playoffs and they win a playoff game, I would say that's a successful first year for Aaron Rodgers. And at the end of the two years, they make a couple of playoff appearances but never get to a Super Bowl, I'm not going to call that a failure. They gave it a shot, it's a tough conference and they were a better football team with him than they were without him."