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Rob Parker Rips Saquon Barkley for Bowing Down to New York Giants

Photo: Al Bello

Rob Parker: "Let's just call Saquon ALL BARK-LEY AND NO BITE! It's ok if you want to play and you want to take the terrible deal. But where's all the barking? Where's all the talk that went with it?! And Saquon All Bark-ley and No Bite takes a contract for 89 cents more than what the Giants initially offered him! Saquon, I'll give you change for a dollar! Are you serious? You made all of that stink and you caved! What was that all about then? You didn't do anything. You came in with your hat in your hands and you bowed down."

Chris Broussard and Rob Parker react to Saquon Barkley signing a new one-year deal with the New York Giants. Rob rips Barkley for accepting virtually the same offer he initially had after threatening to hold out from the team amidst complaints from multiple running backs across the league due to a poor market for the position.